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Salt Electrical provides a wide range of business and home electrical services to Geelong, the Bellarine, Surf Coast and districts. Our experienced and professional residential, industrial and commercial electricians can do it all, from installing telephone cabling to conducting electrical safety checks. The Salt Electrical team is experienced and knowledgeable, able to deal with everything from the smallest job to a complete rewiring and can offer advice and guidance on the best products for your needs.

Contact Geelong’s electrical contractors Salt Electrical for prompt, professional service, or complete our on-line form to request a quote for business or home electrical services.

Salt Electrical, your industrial, commercial and residential electricians.

Salt Electrical Services

TV Antennas Geelong

Salt Electrical love TV, but more than that we love helping get yours ready to watch. Whether you are moving into a new Geelong home, have just relocated or are experiencing reception problems, you may find that that you need TV antenna and/or TV point installation. This is where we are here to help! TV...
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Data & Communications

There was a time when homes had just one television and businesses needed only a working telephone system, typewriters and pens and paper for staff. Advances in technology, and our society’s reliance upon it has changed that for good. Today’s homes and businesses have a multitude of devices, from computers and printers to telephone systems...
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Electrical Safety

These days the successful running of homes and businesses relies heavily on technology, from computers to printers, telephone networks to lighting. Naturally, that technology relies on safe and dependable electrical services and support. To ensure your family, workmates and customers’ safety, insist on the best and most effective electrical safety equipment, backed up with prompt...
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Energy Efficiency

Every week there seems to be another announcement about the increasing cost of power, and that means more pressure on already strained finances. Rather than becoming a nag about energy consumption at home and the workplace, contact Geelong electricians, Salt Electrical. Salt Electrical are Geelong’s industrial, commercial and residential electricians who will help you reduce...
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General Electrical

From repairs and maintenance to installation and design, electrical contractors in Geelong, Salt Electrical have your home and business needs covered. Salt Electrical are Geelong’s repair and maintenance electricians, able to deal with the simplest job to the most complex. Our skilled staff are dedicated to not only excellent customer service, but prompt professional attention...
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Solar Power Systems

With more and more people investing in solar panels and solar power systems, it’s important that proper maintenance is carried out on your solar panels and system to ensure you get the proper return on your investment. Salt Electrical offers residential and commercial solar panel cleaning, servicing and repairs in Geelong, with a team of...
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CCTV Installations Geelong

Closed circuit television (CCTV) refers to the video surveillance systems that allow you to observe and monitor the happenings inside and around your business or home. Once footage is recorded, it is then transmitted to specific monitors, with the main purpose being to ensure security and maintain safety. Salt Electrical offer Geelong CCTV installation across...
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Emergency & Exit Light Testing

Salt Electrical offers clients in Geelong and surrounding areas with professional and qualified emergency light testing to ensure the performance of your residential, commercial, and industrial emergency exit lights. When crisis strikes, a clearly lit evacuation path is crucial to the safety of the people inside a building. Whether it is your home, office or...
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Switchboard Upgrades

The Salt Electrical team carries out both residential and commercial switchboard upgrades in Geelong, ensuring they have a safe and sufficient power supply year-round. Whether you have just purchased an older home and need to upgrade the switchboard to keep up with your electrical needs or for safety reasons, or your business is upgrading its...
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Industrial Electrical Services

The Salt Electrical team offer reliable and professional electrical solutions for the industrial sector, providing expert services to factories, warehouses, plants, and industrial sites in Geelong and surrounding areas. All of our electricians have years of experience working on industrial projects and are available to attend both large and small electrical jobs. At Salt Electrical...
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Testing and Tagging Geelong

When it comes to the safety of your electrical systems, it is pivotal that you have a team of professionals that you can rely on. We at Salt Electrical provide testing and tagging services that Geelong clients can trust, helping your systems to remain in compliance with government legislation and is safe for you and...
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Body corporate electrical maintenance Geelong

Salt Electrical is a trusted partner of various property management groups and landlords across Geelong as we provide the qualified body corporate electrical maintenance services that they can rely on. When it comes to dependability and ongoing relationships, the Salt Electrical team leads the way. Our vast experience in the commercial property development sector and...
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