Data & network cabling electrician, Geelong

There was a time when homes had just one television and businesses needed only a working telephone system, typewriters and pens and paper for staff. Advances in technology, and our society’s reliance upon it has changed that for good. Today’s homes and businesses have a multitude of devices, from computers and printers to telephone systems and security cameras. For that technology to work at optimum speed and efficiency, you need functional, practical network cabling.

For all your network cabling and CCTV installation needs, your first and only choice is Salt Electrical. Salt Electrical’s commercial, industrial and residential electricians have the knowledge and experience to cater for all your data cabling installation needs in Geelong. Telephone cabling and computer network cabling installation are our specialty, with our electrical contractors able to handle all jobs, from the most complex to the very simple. As well as data cabling, our residential, industrial and commercial electricians are able to investigate faults and service your telephone and computer network.

We can update your existing home or business network cabling, totally revamp it, or design a comprehensive network for the new home, office or workplace.

Salt Electrical, Geelong’s cabling contractors, provide quotes and are happy to help you design network cabling that best suits your needs. Contact our electrical services team to talk about your data and communication needs.

Our electrical services extend beyond network cabling to include everything from electrical safety to general electrical needs.