LED lighting, Geelong

Every week there seems to be another announcement about the increasing cost of power, and that means more pressure on already strained finances. Rather than becoming a nag about energy consumption at home and the workplace, contact Geelong electricians, Salt Electrical.
Salt Electrical are Geelong’s industrial, commercial and residential electricians who will help you reduce your energy costs, making your home or business more energy efficient. That’s a win for your pocket and for the environment!
Our fully-trained and reliable commercial, residential and industrial electricians can visit your home or workplace and advise you on more energy efficient appliances and lighting, or we can look at the plans for your new building.

One example of how we can help, is with LED lights. Because technology changes constantly, the range of commercial, industrial and residential LED lighting products is ever changing. Energy saving LED down light options include dimmers, sunset switches, movement sensors and timers. Ask Salt Electrical, Geelong for an LED lighting quote. Of course our energy efficiency service extends beyond existing homes and businesses. Salt Electrical can provide the most up to date industrial, commercial and residential energy efficient electrical services to new buildings and renovations.

Geelong electrical contractor, Salt Electrical’s expertise extends beyond LED lighting options to energy management and consultations. Let us assess your home or workplace to find ways to ensure it is as energy efficient as possible.

Energy Efficiency Services

  • Energy efficient lighting and controls
  • LED lighting
  • Energy management
  • Energy efficiency consultations