Solar panel servicing, repairs & cleaning in Geelong

With more and more people investing in solar panels and solar power systems, it’s important that proper maintenance is carried out on your solar panels and system to ensure you get the proper return on your investment. Salt Electrical offers residential and commercial solar panel cleaning, servicing and repairs in Geelong, with a team of experienced electricians that can ensure your solar power system is running as efficiently, and effectively as possible.

Once the solar panels are installed at your property it’s easy to just forget about them for a couple of years, but once your power bill starts to slowly climb up again, you may ask yourself “are my solar panels actually saving me any money?” This is a common question that people end up asking themselves, questioning whether their long-term investment will ever give them the savings they were promised.

This is where proper solar panel servicing and maintenance is so important. Simply having your solar panels cleaned of dirt and grime by a professional can increase the efficiency of your solar power system by up to 20 percent, with a build-up of dirt and other surface material inhibiting your solar panels’ ability to properly absorb sunlight. Our residential solar panel cleaning service is simple, yet effective.

Salt Electrical can also assist with commercial and domestic solar panel servicing and repairs throughout Geelong, our team will use our industry-leading equipment to test the efficiency of your solar power system, and can also find any faults that may be occurring. Salt Electrical can repair any issues promptly and properly, regardless of who may have installed your solar panels in the first place.

We also offer solar panel servicing, having your solar panels checked regularly will increase their lifespan, ensure they’re working as effectively as possible, and end up saving you money on power bills in the long run.

Commercial solar power systems in Geelong

The Salt Electrical team also install commercial solar power systems in Geelong, from offices with less than ten solar panels to large warehouses, our team is capable of carrying out all kinds of solar panel installs.

We also offer our solar panel cleaning and maintenance services commercially, ensuring all of our clients have fully functioning solar power systems for their entire lifespan. Because in order for your business to reap the rewards of solar power, you need a highly efficient system running at optimal capacity, and this requires ongoing maintenance from a team of solar experts.

To find out more about our full range of solar service, contact the Geelong commercial solar power system experts at Salt Electrical. We will help you find the right solar power system for your needs.

We also provide switchboard upgrades in Geelong for both homes and businesses.