Solar panel installation, Geelong

Everyone you speak to seems to have a theory about solar power systems. It works, it doesn’t work. It saves you money, it makes no difference to the power bill. Stop listening to what everybody else thinks. Ask the Geelong solar panel system experts, Salt Electrical. Our team have extensive experience installing, maintaining and repairing a large range of solar power systems for both commercial and residential use.

Salt Electrical will provide the right advice and guidance to make sure you fully understand solar power systems and if they are a viable option for your home, business or industry. With the right advice and correctly installed, solar panels will cut your electricity bill, provide clean energy and reduce your house or business’s green house gas emissions.

If you decide to install solar panels, Salt Electrical’s electricians will calculate the number of panels required to suit your power needs. Our team will not only install solar power to your home or business, but will provide monitoring and complete maintenance and repairs when required. We also connect you to the grid.

If you’re interested in the Victorian Government’s solar power rebates we can assist you with applying. There is now many cost effective ways to have solar installed at your home, allowing you to start saving on power costs sooner rather than later.

Still confused? Talk to us. We know we can help clear up misconceptions or doubts. And if you decide solar power is for you, request a quote. Our professional staff will respond promptly.

To find out more about our full range of solar service, contact the Geelong solar panel experts at Salt Electrical. We will help you find the right solar power system for your needs.

For the latest in solar power technology, keep an eye on the Salt Electrical news page.