Switchboard upgrades Geelong

The Salt Electrical team carries out both residential and commercial switchboard upgrades in Geelong, ensuring they have a safe and sufficient power supply year-round.

Whether you have just purchased an older home and need to upgrade the switchboard to keep up with your electrical needs or for safety reasons, or your business is upgrading its electrical systems and you need a compatible switchboard, our team can help.

The Salt Electrical team also conduct thermal imaging on Industrial switchboards, identifying and troubleshooting hot spots and overheated electrical wires. This inspection views your electrical systems through an infrared scan and is a powerful tool of preventative maintenance.

If you’re not sure about whether or not your switchboard needs to be upgraded, or what the best option is we can help.

How you know you need a switchboard upgrade

There are a couple of ways to know for sure whether or not you should enquire about having your switchboard upgrade, these include:

  • No safety switch: Some older switchboards are missing a safety switch, or they do but don’t have the modern safety features to prevent electrical emergencies. Your switchboard needs to be able to cut the power when an electrical fault occurs.
  • If you have been using the same switchboard for a long period of time: Old wiring can cause electrical faults or overheating that can result in an electrical fire.
  • Your current switchboard doesn’t support your electrical needs: If your electrical system is consistently short-circuiting then this is a strong sign that you need your switchboard upgraded.
  • Experiencing frequent power surges: A modern switchboard will protect your home and appliances against power surges.

Contact us to find out more about our commercial and residential switchboard upgrades in Geelong, we offer free quotes and can help you get set up with a modern switchboard that caters to your needs.