Commercial, industrial & residential electrician FAQ

What areas do you service?

Electrical contractors, Salt Electrical provide electrical services to all businesses, industry and residences in Geelong and district, including Newtown, Waurn Ponds, Armstrong Creek, the Bellarine Penisula, Bannockburn, the Surf Coast and Lara.

Do you have an after-hours emergency service?

Salt Electrical provides a 24-hour emergency electrical service for our clients.

What is RCD testing?

An RCD, or residual current device, is a safety device designed to interrupt electricity supply if there is a short circuit. RCDs cut power and prevent death by electrocution. Salt Electrical, Geelong’s electrical contractors, perform RCD testing to ensure the device is operating correctly and is keeping you, your family and work mates safe.

Our safety switch keeps cutting in. Should we be worried?

The safety switch cuts in if an electrical circuit is overloaded, usually because you have too many appliances connected to the same circuit. Spread the electrical load, and if it happens again, contact Salt Electrical’s industrial, commercial and residential electricians, for a safety check.

Our energy bill is through the roof. Do you have any suggestions about how to cut our power use?

Salt Electrical offers a comprehensive electrical energy efficiency service. We can assess your business or home and provide energy efficient solutions. Our team of fully qualified electricians can help you save money and protect the environment.

We’re expanding our business, which means we need a telephone and computer network. Can Salt Electrical help?

Salt Electrical are Geelong’s data and communications experts. We can handle all your telephone and network cabling and CCTV installation and offer obligation free quotes on all business and home electrical data and communication services.

Are you residential electricians?

Contact Salt Electrical in Geelong for complete industrial, business and home electrical services. Whether you need a new power outlet at home or sensor lights, our electricians can do the job and pride themselves on being prompt and professional.