The industrial electricians keeping Geelong workers safe

August 14, 2018

Our industrial electricians are Geelong’s safety specialists, with our team ensuring that all of the equipment your employees come into contact with on a daily basis is safe for use and continues to operate optimally.

Factories and warehouses depend on a fully functioning, high capacity electrical system that can accommodate the demands of large machinery, lighting and all of the other electrical components that make up the day-to-day operations of a factory.

When these electrical components are poorly maintained they can become seriously dangerous to employees, posing both a fire and electrocution risk. Electrical faults are one of the leading causes of fires that often decimate factories and warehouses, demonstrating the need for a high quality, reliable electrical provider that adheres to a consistent maintenance schedule.

The team at Salt Electrical can come to your site and conduct a health checkup on all of your electrical equipment using our portable appliance testing equipment, giving you an idea of just how safe your equipment is.

We can then undertake any changes or repairs that need to be made. We will also ensure all of your electrical safety equipment is in working order, from safety switches to smoke alarms and exit and emergency light testing, you can rest assured knowing that all of your equipment and electrical infrastructure is compliant with relevant regulations and safe for employee use.

No job is too big or too small for our team, with our Geelong-based industrial electricians applying our electrical safety services to a variety of industries on an ongoing basis. If you own a factory or warehouse and need a reliable electrical provider to make sure that your equipment runs efficiently, your safety features meet regulations and your employees remain safe at work, you need Salt Electrical. Contact today for a no obligation quote.