Tips on reducing your power bill with an effective solar power system installed in Geelong

February 27, 2019

A high-quality and effective solar power system installed by experts can greatly reduce your power bill and provide cleaner energy to your home or business. However, when a solar power isn’t installed effectively or the provider doesn’t do their research through proper monitoring to configure a system that provides you with adequate power, you may be left disappointed.

At Salt Electrical we regularly hear about people who have had solar panels or a solar power system installed but have seen little to no difference in their power bills. This is unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence. If you don’t have an adequate solar power system that provides you with sufficient power you will still have to buy a vast majority of your power from your electricity provider to substitute.

A solar power system might not be working optimally for multiple reasons, from shade over solar panels diminishing the output of solar power, to a faulty inverter or wiring, that’s why it’s crucial that you have a professional and knowledgeable solar provider that can provide you with solar monitoring and maintenance.

The importance of solar monitoring

If you don’t have the necessary data, installing an effective solar power system for your Geelong home that actually saves you money on your power bills is just guess work. This is why the solar specialists at Salt Electrical provide solar monitoring to all of our clients. This way we know we’re satisfying their energy requirements and ensuring they have enough solar power for their day-to-day needs.

After our team install your solar power system we are also on-hand for any repairs or maintenance you may require. When it comes to solar power, investing in proper installation and data-driven monitoring is necessary for ensuring you reap the rewards of solar in the future.

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