The Geelong electricians helping to keep businesses safe and compliant

June 26, 2019

When it comes to ensuring that businesses have safe and effective electrical equipment, there’s no more reliable service provider than the Geelong electricians at Salt Electrical.

And that’s what you need – a reliable, professional team that puts electrical safety first.

At Salt Electrical, we’ve been helping business of all sizes and types make sure they are fully compliant on all things electrical for many years. It’s about keeping people safe and equipment working efficiently. And it is a role we take very seriously.

Our unparalleled local knowledge and experience working with businesses from all industries will ensure you are compliant with all the relevant policies and legislation. With our team in your corner, you will also have access to high-quality equipment that will serve you, your employees and your customers for years to come.

Walk into any business – commercial or industrial – today and you’ll find a heavy reliance on technology that’s driven by electricity. Think computers, photocopiers, communication systems, machinery, microwaves and a myriad of other equipment. Electrical equipment and appliances are woven into our working days and it’s imperative they are safe to use.

At Salt Electrical, our electricians in Geelong know just how dangerous faulty or non-compliant electrical equipment can be. And we have a passion for playing our part in keeping people safe from the risk of electrical shock.

Perhaps you need a new safety switch installed or want the existing one inspected? Do you need a comprehensive testing and tagging program to check all electrical equipment from the trusty office kettle to sophisticated electrical machinery and equipment on the factory floor? Are you after professional advice about RCDs or emergency lighting? Whatever your electrical safety needs, our professional electricians in Geelong can do it all.

If you would like to find out more about our electrical safety services, please don’t hesitate to contact Salt Electrical’s friendly crew today. We offer no-obligation quotes on our comprehensive range of safety services and here to help.