Switchboard upgrades for Geelong businesses

June 30, 2020

Salt Electrical are the go-to electricians for commercial switchboard upgrades in Geelong. A switchboard is one of the most important parts of any electrical system because if your switchboard is unable to meet the requirements of your electrical equipment it can result in electrical faults and your equipment frequently short-circuiting.

For most businesses in the modern age this is simply not an option, businesses across all industries rely on working electrical systems for their day-to-day operations.

Signs that your switchboard needs to be upgraded

  • If the electrical equipment that your business uses on a daily basis starts to short circuit this could be a sign that your current switchboard doesn’t have the ability to handle your business’s electrical requirements. Upgrading your switchboard will ensure your electrical equipment has a constant supply of electricity without short-circuiting.
  • Lights may intermittently flicker on and off. While this may be a result of faulty light bulbs or fixtures, it can also commonly be caused by a malfunctioning switchboard system.
  • Another reason that may indicate that a switchboard needs to be upgraded is if your property still uses fuse boxes instead of circuit breakers. While this won’t apply to the vast majority of businesses today, there is still the odd case where fuse boxes are still present at an older building.

There is a range of other things that could indicate that you need a switchboard upgrade. If you have ongoing issues with your electrical equipment it is always best to contact a qualified electrician.

Contact us today to find out more our switchboard upgrades for Geelong businesses. We service businesses both big and small, from large industrial manufacturers to small office spaces.