Need quality solar panel cleaning in Geelong? We are here to help

March 21, 2022

With professional solar panel cleaning Geelong clients will be able to get the most out of their solar power system.

And when you get experts such Salt Electrical in to carry out the task, you can rest assured that the money you’ve invested in the system will be returning dividends.

At Salt Electrical, we know that clean solar panels can increase efficiency. It makes perfect sense. A coating of salt from coastal conditions, bird droppings, dust and grime make it much harder for panels to absorb the sun’s rays. In fact, dirty panels can make your system up to 20 per cent less efficient.

Rather than let those costly inefficiencies put pressure on business or home finances, call in our experienced and qualified team of electricians for quality solar panel cleaning in Geelong.

Our team is safe, efficient and reliable. We have the knowledge and the right equipment to get your panels cleaned safely without scratching their surface.

Trusted team

Correctly-angled panels can self clean to an extent when there’s adequate rain. But often they need special attention, especially in coastal settings, to get rid of a sticky salt layer, dried droppings and even chemicals. Our staff, who put safety first, provide that helping hand for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

We provide the solar panel cleaning Geelong clients rely on to keep their systems running at the optimum level. Our electricians carefully brush off any material that’s loose, then wash the panels clean. We take great care not to scratch the panels during the process.

Having a clean surface gives those hard-working solar cells the best possible access to sunlight. Keeping them clean can make a big difference to their efficiency and your savings.

Harnessing the sun’s energy is becoming increasingly popular across the region as people look for ways to increase sustainability and drive down costs. Solar Victoria figures reveal more than half a million Victorian households have solar systems. These systems generate nearly a third of total electricity demand in the state. And as systems become more affordable, that number look set to grow.

At Salt Electrical, we’re the electrical team to trust when it comes to keeping those important panels clean. We also offer professional solar panel maintenance and repair services too.

If you would like to book our quality services, please contact us on (03) 5222 4222 today.

Solar panel cleaning for Geelong clients