Our commercial electricians complete lighting installation for iconic Geelong hotel

July 31, 2018

Our team recently completed an LED installation for one of Geelong’s oldest establishments, the Fyansford Hotel. Our attention to detail and expertise meant that we were able to identify that white coloured LED lights would achieve the desired look, enlivening the facade of the hotel and brightening the entrance for patrons.

Whether it’s a large restaurant or a an office complex, our team can carry out any kind of LED installation your business may need, from feature lighting to signage lighting and more.  However, our service doesn’t just begin and end with the installation process, our team will assist you in finding the optimal lighting fixture to assist you in saving money on your energy costs. Unlike many other electrical providers, our goal is to provide you with high quality lighting solutions that work for your business, whilst helping to reduce your energy expenditure in the long-run.

If it’s time the exterior or interior of your business underwent a freshen up, then installing new LED lighting is an effective way of going about it. People often overlook just how much of an impact lighting could have on the overall look of a space. Installing some bright and modern-looking lighting fixtures can make your business look a lot more welcoming and appealing to customers and clients.

If you’re unsatisfied with what your current lighting fixtures are doing for your business, or feel as though your lighting could be more energy efficient, then contact Salt Electrical for a quote. Our team are the commercial LED installation specialists in the Geelong region.