Electrical maintenance for property management groups in Geelong

May 13, 2021

If you are a property management group in Geelong and are looking for electric maintenance that you can trust, look no further than the expert team at Salt Electrical for any of your electric needs.

The team at Salt Electrical are a well-trusted service for various property management groups across Geelong and provide high-quality qualified electrical maintenance services that have been leaving customers satisfied and willing to use our services at an ongoing basis for decades.

The team have 65+ years of experience in the electrical service field, largely contributing to the commercial property development sector, which has led to the team being used countless times as property management group suppliers in and around the Geelong region.

In terms of property management itself, it comes under the umbrella of body corporate where is a responsibility to manage utilities like electricity requirements for your building. The team from this point are able to develop regular maintenance service programs in ensuring that all areas of the property are in full-service functionality, whilst also abiding by the codes of conduct as set out in the Residential Tendencies Act and electrical standards. This will leave your property management group in the safest hands whilst also abiding by all safety precautionary requirements.

As your property management electrician service, the Salt Electrical team are used for your property management group to implement lighting upgrades and installations, diagnosis any faults and repair these, install security alarms and much more.

So, if your property management group is screaming out for an electrical maintenance group that you can count on every time, look no further than Salt Electrical.

You will not be disappointed with our high level of customer satisfaction and professional and prompt service.

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