The importance of electrical safety audits in Geelong

June 2, 2021

When it comes to electrical safety audits in Geelong that clients can rely on, Salt Electrical lead the way.

The expert team at Salt Electrical has over 60 years of experience as a family-owned business and are your best choice for professional electrical safety audits, because the last thing the team would want is for you to have a fault or issue that ends up becoming a dangerous expense.

As always, compliance is necessary and we able to go through a full checklist of steps to assure clients of all varieties, such as landlords or property managers, are aware of the signs when electrical systems are unsafe and in need of a test or maintenance.

During an electrical safety audit, the qualified Salt Electrical team will do a visual inspection of the electrical systems and establish the condition of various components including safety switches, surge protection fittings, circuit breakers, wiring, light switches, smoke alarms, and general energy efficiency. In order to maintain the peace of mind that their electrical systems are safe, it is essential that clients call us every 2 years for this important service. In the circumstance that a tenant of a building moves out and a new one moves in, an electrical safety audit is also in order.

Our experienced team at Salt Electrical are able to identify these problems and assist and provide regular checks to make sure you and your electrical systems are staying safe. Without a professional electrical safety audit, clients in Geelong could be subject to serious risks and hazards such as electrocution, fire, and arc blasts.

So what are you waiting for, contact the team today for your all-important electrical safety audits in Geelong.

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